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Felicia and Nate began their partnership in May 2011, skating at the University of Delaware in Newark, DE with coach Jeff DiGregorio. Later in 2011, they moved to Ellenton, Florida, where they currently train with Jim Peterson, Lyndon Johnston, and Amanda Evora. Felicia and Nathan placed 8th at their first National Championships in 2012. Their first major international competition was 2013 Four Continents, where they placed 4th.


“Our skating career is just beginning. We have accomplished so much the past two years and we both believe it is because of our combined determination and passion we have for the sport. In just two years we were able to accomplish so much! From our first year 8th place finish at the 2012 US Nationals, all the way to our 3rd place finish just a year later at the 2013 US Nationals, and being chosen to represent the US at the 2013 Four Continents Championships. We are looking forward to a great skating career together, and we are working harder to accomplish so much more.”

Skater Bios

Felicia Zhang

Felicia Zhang Profile Photo
Birthday: 9/22
Hometown: Plainsboro, NJ
Training town: Ellenton, FL
Coaches: Jim Peterson, Lyndon Johnston, Amanda Evora
Likes: Sunshine, Frozen yogurt, going to the beach, swimming on weekends, sushi.
Dislikes: Allergies, bugs, grape flavored beverages, well done steak.
Fun Facts:
1. Felicia has a younger brother (Derek, 15) who lives in Plainsborro, NJ with their mom and dad.
2. Felicia is allergic to kiwis, raw carrots, and pollen.
3. Felicia loves hugs!
4. Felicia is a sales associate for J Crew at the factory outlets in Ellenton, FL.
5. Felicia drives a 2011 red Volkswagen Jetta that she loves very much.
Felicia’s Skating History
I have been figure skating since the age of 7. I competed in singles for 7 years in singles before every starting pairs. I have won the North Atlantic Regional Championships in 2006 for Juvenile Ladies, 2007 in Intermediate Ladies, 2008 in Novice Ladies, and 2010 in Junior Ladies. In 2008 I placed 3rd at the US Nationals in Novice Ladies. In 2010 I started pairs with Taylor Toth. We competed in the international junior Grande Prix circuit and we won the 2010 US Junior Nationals title, and the same year I placed 6th in Junior Ladies event. We also competed at the Worlds Junior Championships and placed 9th, and participated in the Senior Grand Prix circuit in the US and Paris, France. That same year I also competed on Junior Grande Prix in singles and placed 7th. Taylor and I ended our partnership in March 2011.

Nathan Bartholomay

Felicia Zhang's Profile Photo
Birthday: 05/18
Hometown: Newtown, PA
Training town: Ellenton, FL
Coaches: Jim Peterson, Lyndon Johnston, Amanda Evora
Likes: Going to the movies, meatball subs, listening to music.
Dislikes: Mosquitoes, sunburns, olives, double bogeys.
Fun Facts:
1. Nate took his first skating lesson in Hamilton NJ in 1997.
2. His first competition was in Lake Placid, NY in No Test. He placed 1st… skating against 11 girls!
3. Nathan has been a ice skate technician for the last eight years, doing sharpening, maintenance, and repairs.
4. Nathan works over 30 hours per week at Gio Italian Restaurant to help support his skating career.
5. Nathan enjoys playing golf on the weekends (when he isn’t working!)
6. Nathan has a sister (Jamie, 25) who plays roller derby and lives in Providence, RI.
Nathan’s Skating History
I began skating in 1997 but did not start pairs skating until late 2003. With my first partner, Meg Byrne, I won the 2004 Juvenile Pairs title and the 2005 Intermediate Pairs title. In 2005, I also went to Nationals in singles as a Novice and placed 7th. Won the bronze medal with Erika Smith in Junior Pairs at the 2010 US National Championships.

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